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The College of Architecture, Visual Art, and Design at CBU embraces the entire spectrum of design-oriented disciplines.  All students will experience our interdisciplinary approach to learning that offers unique and unlimited opportunities for collaboration, inspiration, and most importantly, a deep and well-rounded education rooted in a Christian worldview.


SoCal NOMA seeks to advance and support the education and careers of those who have been historically under-represented in the field of architecture and various allied design/build professions.

Architect Drawing Blueprint

Inspiring Future Architects

Representation • Education • Mentorship

One of the biggest stumbling blocks preventing young students from pursuing their passions is not knowing where to begin. With Architects of Tomorrow, we seek to create a platform that reaches out specifically to underserved communities, inviting students to take their first steps into the field of architecture and design. Students grades 5-12 will engage in design workshops with B.Arch and M.Arch students at California Baptist University to gain exposure to the collegiate architecture experience as well as create personal connections with mentors who can provide guidance for future goals.

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