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Aaron S.W. Greene

Assistant Professor of Architecture, CBU

CBU NOMAS Faculty Advisor

Aaron currently serves in the capacity of an Assistant Professor of Architecture in the College of Architecture Visual Arts and Design at California Baptist University (CBU), the Faculty Adviser for CBU's NOMAS (National Organization of Minority Architecture Students) organization, and as a board Member of the Katie Hall Educational Foundation.  His experience in design ranges from healthcare and residential to hospitality, institutional, and retail. He deeply believes in utilizing the power of design to improve the quality of life of others and the love of CHRIST to transform the hearts, minds, and  souls of humanity.


Aaron Gamez

B.Arch Senior

CBU NOMAS President

Aaron is a student at California Baptist University currently pursuing a master’s degree in architecture. He has always had a passion for architecture, from building cities with Legos, to drawing stick figures in landscapes. Being a first-generation college student makes him very proud and allows him to set an example for his family. He has a passion for entertainment architecture - designing places where the community can get together and have some fun. He aims to live a balanced life by spending his free time traveling, trying new foods, and working out. He shoots for the stars aiming to be the next Starchitect! 

Diana H.V2.jpg

Diana Hernandez Serrano

M.Arch I Graduate Student


Diana is a student at California Baptist University currently pursuing a master’s degree in architecture. She has discovered a passion for designing architecture which reflects cultures and empowers communities. She enjoys researching site context extensively because it allows her to identify unique opportunities while establishing strong design proposals. She spends her free time outdoors; most often gardening, hiking, or playing soccer.

Edited Head shot.jpg

Ivory Sales

M.Arch I Graduate Student

Ivory is a graduate student in the CBU architecture program. During her free time she enjoys sight seeing, coffee tasting, gardening, and traveling, when possible.

Sherry G.V2.jpg

Sherry Galarza Lopez

B.Arch Senior

CBU NOMAS Social Media Manager

Miss Sherry Galarza Lopez is a Master of Architecture student at CBU whom also studied Interior Design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Sherry is an Architecture Intern at Holt Architecture where she creates 3D renderings and assists the material specialist. Her biggest accomplishment is being a first-generation college graduate. When not working on her career goals Sherry hits the road to explore new places, try new restaurants, roller-skate, and volunteer at the American Red Cross. She is spontaneous, has a big sense of humor, and is very energetic.

AOT Louis R.jpg

Louis Roa

B.Arch Junior

CBU NOMAS Vice President

Louis is a student at California Baptist University currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in architecture. He has a passion for designing architecture that brings communities together and engages them through design. He spends his free time listening to music, eating sushi, and working out.

AOT Amalia S.jpg

Amalia A. Sosa

M.Arch I Graduate Student

CBU NOMAS Event Coordinator

Amalia is a student in the CBU Architecture Program. She has interest in the relationship between communities and architecture. She loves to explore the design of public spaces, site analysis and creating better environments through architecture. In her free time Amalia enjoys traveling, photography, hand drawing, painting, and learning a new song on the guitar. She is passionate about mentoring students interested in Architecture and most of all supporting first-generation college students.


Catherina Dias

M.Arch I Graduate Student

CBU NOMAS Communications Manager

Catherina is a graduate student pursuing her master's degree in architecture at California Baptist University. She has found her passion in architecture because it is a practical form of art that can be used to serve others and create impactful experiences. Outside of architecture, her favorite things to do are swing dancing, sketching, and being outdoors.

AOT Pablo L.jpg

Pablo Leiva

B. Arch Senior

CBU NOMAS Student Rep

Pablo Leiva is a fourth-year architecture student at California Baptist University. He has wanted to be an architect since childhood and has a broad interest in history and traditional architecture with an emphasis in urban renewal. Some of his favorite things are reading, hiking, and good conversation.

AOT Kate R.jpg

Kate Reyes

B. Arch Senior

CBU NOMAS Secretary

Kate is a fourth year student studying architecture at CBU. She is also a Poly High school Alumni and is excited to have the opportunity to mentor the Architects of Tomorrow! Some of her favorite hobbies are gaming and playing sports. Her favorite foods are either chipotle or Asian foods!

AOT Pablo G.jpg

Pablo Guzman

B. Arch Senior

Pablo Guzman is a fourth-year student pursuing his master's degree at California Baptist University. His interest in architecture began when working for his father's small contracting company in the LA area. Working on multiple sites a week he saw the good architecture can do to the community and to single family homes, where the architecture engages and creates amazing moments to enjoy it all. In his free time, he tries to travel as much as he can, plays soccer with friends, and works on small home DIY projects.

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